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Ultimate Protection For Ultimate Peace Of Mind

There’s nothing like experiencing complete peace of mind at home. Even if you live in a nice neighborhood with very little criminal activity, historically, having home security guards can give you some extra rest knowing your property is protected. Weapon X Security has more than 20 years of combined experience protecting residential areas. Simply having security patrol the area around your home is often enough to deter criminals from acting.

Residential Security You Can Count On

When you hire a Weapon X Security guard to protect your home, you can have peace of mind knowing they are highly trained and have at least two years of experience. Our strenuous hiring process means you can count on any guard assigned to protect you. They will use every tactic to de-escalate situations without using violence first. They will only resort to violence if it becomes necessary to protect you and your property.

Why Residential Security Is Essential

Sometimes it’s impossible to lock every piece of property you have in your home, garage, or shed. A child will leave out their bike occasionally and you may even forget to lock your car one night. When you have a residential security guard patrolling the area, these issues won’t come back to haunt you since the chances of crimes being committed are much lower.

Simply the presence of an unarmed security guard in your neighborhood is often the best security you can have. Criminals look for the path of least resistance when committing a crime and they are more likely to move on if they believe their chances of getting caught are high.

If an emergency occurs at your home, a residential security guard can quickly respond and call the appropriate authorities to help. They are trained to make things as efficient as possible so emergency personnel can help you quickly.

Weapon X Security covers the entire state of California. From small towns to big cities, our residential security services will protect you.


If you’ve been thinking about boosting your security around your home, then Weapon X Security has you covered. Reach out to us today to obtain a free quote and be on your way to ultimate peace of mind.

    Residential Security Questions

    We offer both mobile security guards and guards on foot. We even offer body guard services if you need a more personal approach to security for any reason. Our team will evaluate your needs and desires and suggest the appropriate security measures accordingly.

    Weapon X Security offers both armed and unarmed guards depending on your needs. When you reach out to us, we will learn more about your property and protection requirements and recommend the perfect guard for your situation.

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