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Protecting Businesses And Customers In Malls For Over 20 Years

Shopping malls can be some of the busiest places throughout the year. Weapon X Security provides mall security services to ensure malls remain orderly and de-escalate any situation as it arises. Having security for malls has never been more important and you can rely on the experience of a Weapon X Security guard to protect customers and businesses, while also deterring potential criminal activity.

Trained And Experienced Guards To Handle Any Situation

Each of our mall security guards has at least two years of experience and has gone through an intensive training program to know how to handle virtually any situation. What makes a Weapon X Security unarmed security guard unique is their ability to de-escalate situations without using weapons and understanding when to contact authorities for assistance.

Why Are Security Guards Needed At Malls?

Unsuspecting customers can quickly become victims of theft. Whether it’s leaving their purses or bags unattended or being pick-pocketed, thieves work quickly and will often get away with it if mall security services aren’t present.

Businesses also need to be protected since criminals have very little fear when it comes to theft. However, the presence of a Weapon X Security guard significantly reduces the chances of them committing a crime because they know they are much more likely to get caught.

Weapon X Security guards also deter crimes in general just by patrolling the area. Whether the guards are armed or unarmed and on foot or mobile, simply having guards present is enough to make criminals think twice.

Weapon X Security is proud to provide mall security services throughout California. From San Francisco to Los Angeles to San Diego and everywhere in between, our guards have you covered.


We look forward to protecting your businesses and customers at your shopping mall. Fill out the form below to tell us a little bit about your needs.

    Mall Security Service Questions

    The heavy foot traffic in malls means perfect opportunities for criminals to steal. Having our mall security guards on duty can prevent theft significantly because thieves know there’s an eye on them and they will likely get busted.

    Most malls could use a few security guards, but it depends on the size and layout of the mall. When you reach out to us, we will get a better understanding of your needs and provide the right coverage to your mall.

    Many times a few unarmed guards are all a mall needs for the interior space. However, there are times when mobile security guards are necessary, as well as armed guards. We will evaluate your specific situation and determine which guards are right for your mall.

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