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More Than 20 Years Of Combined Experience Delivering Peace Of Mind

Protecting government buildings, officials, employees, and guests means hiring top-notch security guards. Weapon X Security offers more than 20 years of combined experience with training protocols that are second-to-none. We understand what it means to need secure guard services and you can have peace of mind knowing every Weapon X Security guard is trained to handle any situation and keep people and property as safe and secure as possible.

Safe And Trusted Government Security Services

When you’re dealing with government entities, you can’t just let anyone handle security services. Every Weapon X Security guard you hire will have at least two years of experience and will have gone through extensive training to be able to handle any situation that arises. Even if you need personal body guard services, we have guards to get the job done.

Why The Right Government Security Services Are Valuable?

When you have the appropriate guards security, criminals are less likely to take action. These people want to take the path of least resistance and won’t commit a crime if they know there’s a high chance of getting caught. Weapon X Security guards have a powerful presence to ensure these criminals are deterred.

When you have security patrol guards around the clock, any security issues will be handled quickly and efficiently. Lots of people could be around a government building at any time and our guards are trained to notice anything out of the ordinary and diffuse any potential threats quickly.

Government officials often need body guard services and Weapon X Security is here to help. We will ensure government officials get where they need to go safely and will handle any issues promptly.

Weapon X Security serves the entire state of California. From San Francisco to Los Angeles to San Diego and everywhere in between, we have you covered.


We take the protection of government officials and entities seriously. Give us a call today to learn how we can offer the highest level of protection possible.

    Government Security Services Questions

    Weapon X Security offers customized security based on individual needs. Sometimes this means providing body guard services, while other times it might mean simply having an unarmed guard on site patrolling the area. We will evaluate your needs and understand your requests so we can provide comprehensive security for government officials.

    Government buildings often need a combination of armed and unarmed guards, as well as guards on foot and mobile security. When you reach out to us, we will analyze your building and the protection required and suggest the perfect solution for ultimate security.

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