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Complete Protection Of Hotels With 20+ Years Of Combined Experience

Hotels experience a lot of foot traffic every day. Most of the time people just need a place to stay while on a business trip or vacation, but you never know when someone has bad intentions. Weapon X Security is here to provide ultimate hotel security to protect your business and your guests. Our security patrol officers can cover a lot of ground and many times, their presence is enough to deter criminals.

Expertise And Training Your Hotel Can Rely On

Every Weapon X Security guard has extensive training and at least two years of experience. Whether you need body guard services for a high-profile guest or if you simply would feel better to have an unarmed security guard patrol the area, we have you covered. Providing your guests and employees with peace of mind is invaluable for hotels, and Weapon X Security can make it possible.

Why Do Hotels Need Security?

Hotels might have hundreds or even thousands of people entering and exiting the building throughout the day. This can make it easy for criminals to sneak in and create danger for guests. Having a hotel security guard means everyone is monitored and a trained eye can spot someone who might have bad intentions.


In addition to guests staying at a hotel, many hotels have conferences where hundreds of people arrive at once. A hotel security guard will ensure these people remain orderly so your other guests can feel safe at all times.

Hotel guests might feel uncomfortable enough being away from their home, so it’s important to do anything you can to make them feel secure. Having a hotel security guard plays a big role in this since they can see the added protection on the property.

Weapon X Security serves the entire state of California. Whether your hotel is located in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, or anywhere else, we have you covered.


We are ready to help keep your hotel guests and employees safe. Reach out to us today so we can understand your needs and provide you with the appropriate hotel security.

    Hotel Security Questions

    Multiple hotel security guards are usually required at hotels, but it ultimately depends on the size and your needs. The good news is Weapon X Security guards can also be on fire watch, so you don’t have to hire a special guard for that service. We will evaluate the layout and size of your hotel to determine the number of guards necessary.

    An armed security guard can be valuable in certain situations, but many times an unarmed guard is sufficient. Regardless of the type of guard at your hotel, every Weapon X Security guard is trained to de-escalate situations without violence unless it becomes necessary.

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