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Over 20 Years Of Combined Experience To Give You Peace Of Mind

Weapon X Security provides the best security guards in the business to protect your gym and its members. People come in and out of a gym throughout the day and most of the time the days are peaceful. However, you never know when someone with bad intentions will be lurking around your gym. Having a gym security guard on-site can prevent crimes from happening and these criminals might not even come close to your gym due to the presence of a security guard.

Reliable And Trustworthy Gym Security

Every Weapon X Security guard has gone through extensive training and has at least two years of experience. When you hire a health club security guard from Weapon X Security, you can have peace of mind knowing they can handle virtually any situation that arises. The ultimate goal is to protect your customers and your property, and our guards can ensure both are taken care of.

Why Do Gyms Need Security?

Gyms can have hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment in them. Too many times, people try to put a dumbbell or other piece of equipment in their gym bags and walk away with them. With a fitness center security guard, the chances of this occurring are much lower, especially when the guard can cover a lot of ground. The presence of the gym security guard is enough to make people think twice about stealing any equipment.

Gym members should always feel safe when they are exercising, or even in the bathroom changing into different clothes. If there is ever a situation where they do not feel safe, then having a gym security guard on-site can help take care of any issues quickly so everyone feels as secure as possible.

Arguments or disagreements in a gym can turn violent quickly. A gym security guard can break up any fights promptly to ensure no one gets hurt. Every Weapon X Security guard is trained to de-escalate situations without using violence unless it becomes necessary to do so.

There are thousands of gyms across California and Weapon X Security can protect any of them. From San Francisco to Los Angeles to San Diego, our guards will be there for you.


We would love to play a role in keeping your gym as safe as possible. Reach out to us today to get a free quote for our gym security services.

    Gym Security Questions

    Most of the time, unarmed guards are sufficient for gyms. However, we will evaluate multiple factors to determine the best types of guards needed for your gym.

    This depends largely on the size of your gym and the layout, including parking lot size. When you call us, we will evaluate your gym and recommend exactly what you need for ultimate security.

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