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Armed Service

Certain situations and environments might make sense to have an armed security guard to protect your customers and employees. An armed guard will attempt to de-escalate situations without using weapons first, but are highly trained to use them when necessary.

Unarmed Service

An unarmed guard can be a deterrent for anyone thinking about performing a criminal act on your property. Our unarmed security guards are trained to de-escalate situations without the need for high-powered weapons.

Construction Security

Protect your valuable equipment and workers with a Weapon X Security guard watching over them 24/7.

Bodyguard Service

Having a body guard by your side can provide ultimate peace of mind. Our bodyguard services can be used to protect celebrities, government officials, or the average person who feels like they might be in danger.

Customized Security Package

We can provide a variety of security services to customers, no matter how unique the situation. Combine any of the above services for a lower package price.

Security Patrol Service

Security cameras will only do so much when you have a large campus. Our mobile security guards will patrol the area and make their presence known to anyone thinking about creating problems.

  • California State Licensed

    Weapon X Security is proud to say we are certified and fully licensed by the California State Bureau of Security and Investigative Services.

  • A Client – First Approach

    Every situation is unique, so we customize every security package based on your needs. We want to not only protect you, but also reduce losses and increase profitability in your business.

  • Trained Security Guards

    Each of our security guards has five years of experience or more and has been trained to handle virtually any situation that arises. No matter what time of day, our guards are ready to act.

  • Excellent Customer Service

    When you contact Weapon X Security, you’ll talk to a professional team immediately. No waiting on hold or navigating through an automated system.

Weapon X provides security services all over California…from San Diego to Los Angeles to San Francisco and everywhere in between.

Proudly Providing Security Services Throughout California

Each Weapon X Security guard goes through extensive training and background checks to ensure they are a fit to represent our company. They will identify threats before they become an issue to ensure the safety of everyone in the area. We proudly provide security services to the entire state of California and can protect you no matter the situation or environment.

Guard For Construction Site

Protect your valuable equipment and workers with a Weapon X Security guard watching over them 24/7.

Guard For Residential Area

A bodyguard can help you have peace of mind at home.

Guards For Government Offices

Protect government buildings and officials with our security guards.

Dentist at Smile All The Time
"These guys are vigilant and hardworking. They keep an eye out. We are truly lucky to have them protect our premises."
Associate Attorney at Luma & Charles
"They are a good and friendly bunch of people who Are ready to serve. They help with whatever is needed and they will be glad to do it as well."
Regional Manager at Tide Corp

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