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Our guards all have to undergo extensive background checks before they can join our team. This includes checking references and running them through various databases. We are very careful about who he hires because we care about who represents our name and business. Equally, we care about your business, home or campus and the safety of it. We would only let the best guards in the business represent us and keep you safe and secured. Background checks are an important part of making sure we don’t make any mistakes. This way we can be confident that we’re supplying our customers with people that we approve of and want on our team.
We take a great deal of pride in the training that our guards receive. We hold them to the standards set by the state and we hold them to even higher standards ourselves. The bare minimum training required to work is 40 hours, (recruits can have less than this when they start but they’re required to be in training to do so). For our specialty guards, we have additional training that they have to go through. This is so that no matter what you can be sure that the guards keeping you and your business safe are up to the task.

Most business owners aren’t security experts and there’s nothing wrong with that. There isn’t an easy to understand template to understand exactly what you need in regards to security. Often that knowledge is only found with experience. At Weapon X Security we have the experience to spare. You can always call and speak with one of our security experts. They can work with you to find the solutions that would work best for your business while staying within your budget. We work hard to make sure you’re getting the most value from the security guards you hire to protect the property

Yes, we do! We work with a wide variety of businesses and properties so it’s only appropriate that we offer a wide variety of services that can meet their unique needs. Armed and unarmed security is only the tip of the iceberg in regards to what we have to offer our clients. We also have firewatch security and mobile patrols just to name a few. Each of these units is specialized and meet a specific need that a business or property owner might have. No matter what you need, Weapon X Security is here to help.

We are fully licensed and insured. This is for your protection and for ours as security can sometimes be a dangerous business. We understand that these things are easy to say and that’s why we’re committed to transparency. If you would like proof of our licenses and insurance we’re more than happy to provide them to you. Staying ahead of licenses and insurance helps us provide you with the best security services that we can.

We have several systems in place to monitor the activity of our guards while they’re on duty. We hold our guards and all staff members to a high standard of quality. It’s important that we’re always watchful to make sure that our standards are being met at all times. This is one of the many ways we make sure you’re getting the service that you expect from Weapon X Security.

Security does more than just respond to emergencies. They do a lot to help your business thrive despite the outside world causing problems and damaging the property. If an emergency does happen on your grounds they can respond quickly by either resolving or containing the situation. Other times it may be necessary for them to assist in the evacuation of guests and employees. They are a proactive solution rather than a reactive solution to the problems that plague many businesses. Despite the fast response time of the police and other emergency services, you’re going to want something faster in the case of an emergency. There’s nothing faster than the immediate response of a security team that’s already on site.

Bilingual security guards are always in high demand in Los Angeles County and Orange County alike. We do our best to hire as many bilingual guards as possible because we understand the need to have a guard who can communicate with different people than they might otherwise be unable to talk to. That said, the unfortunate reality is that not all of our guards are bilingual although they do excel at their positions. We do attempt to meet all of our customer’s needs including supplying bilingual guards but it’s not a request that can always be guaranteed. At Weapon X Security you can rest easy knowing that we will do everything in our power to keep you safe and secure.

Most people aren’t active in their own security. It’s the fault of a business owner or landlord because they’re busy running and operating the property and business. Often security gets relegated to an alarm system, door locks, and cameras. Unfortunately, all of these systems are reactionary. They do little to actually top criminal activity and instead react to it when it’s happening. Security guards are often the first step that a business owner takes when they want to be proactive with their security. Guards help keep watch over the business and property. They actively search for security threats and they deal with them efficiently. There’s no substitute for having guards on the scene in charge of keeping your business safe and secure.
Unarmed guards are often the starting point for people filling their security needs. They often receive only the basic training and the amount of equipment required for an unarmed guard to operate is less than their counterparts. Combine the training and equipment requirements and you get a less expensive guard as they often carry less inherent responsibility with them on their jobs. We also understand that not everyone can afford more expensive guards so we like to provide a budget option to suit a wider variety of security needs.
This depends on the type of business you have and what your unique security needs are at the time. It could be possible that one is enough for your business or property but you might need five or more. You can always talk to one of our security experts who can help evaluate your needs so that you get the best value for your money.
The short answer is yes but that’s not to say that they are untrained. Just that their armed counterparts receive more training as a requirement to carry a weapon. All of our guards meet the basic requirements and some go beyond that to provide you with better service. Whether armed or unarmed, the guards all have the same foundation in their training so you know you’re going to be secure with them around.
A mobile patrol is a specialty type of security guard that is equipped with vehicles and are often given much larger areas to patrol during their shifts. The benefits of a mobile patrol are numerous but the largest of them is that when covering large areas they’re able to operate more efficiently given their training and access to additional equipment like vehicles.
There are a few reasons why a mobile patrol might cost more than a traditional unarmed guard. The biggest reason and the most obvious is that a mobile patrol has to be outfitted with a vehicle in order to do their job. They also have additional training on top of being tasked with keeping larger and often more crowded areas secure. It’s all just part of having a more complicated job than other types of guards.
We can’t know for sure without understanding the specifics of your needs and what type of area you’re covering. It’s normal for most people to not know how to judge their own security needs but our team is full of security experts. If you give us a call we can work with you to discover what exactly you need and how best to meet all of your security needs.
Firewatch security guards are a specialty branch of security guards that have been specially trained to deal with fires and are tasked with the prevention of fires throughout the property they’ve been assigned to protect. A traditional security guard may have a passing knowledge about how to stop fires and the steps to prevent them but nothing like the specialty knowledge that comes when a security guard is trained for firewatch. If you need firewatch security it’s always best to get firewatch security and not a traditional security guard to handle firewatch duties.
Like all of the guards on our team, detailed record keeping is a requirement. Should there be a situation when a hazard makes itself known and the problem can’t be solved during the shift then the firewatch guard will make and file a report detailing the hazard so that anyone who might need to know about the hazard can be made away of it. Our guards take pride in the quality and accuracy of their reports because a good report helps to keep everyone safe and secure.
Firewatch is rarely a permanent position. They are often brought in while fire systems are undergoing prolonged maintenance, or they’re malfunctioning repeatedly. They’ve also brought in when a building or property is undergoing some form of renovation or construction due to the increased risk for fire the catch in a construction zone. Often these positions are filled when they’re needed and then the guards will be moved to other locations that need firewatch security. You may have a need for permanent firewatch but it’s uncommon.
Every apartment complex is different and there’s no way to be sure how many is best for meeting your unique needs without first understanding your unique situation. If you’re unsure of how many guards or what type of guards you need then you can always call us and speak with one of our qualified security experts. Together we can work to find a solution for you and your business that fits both your needs and budget.
Often the answer is yes but it can vary from community to community. Often a gate is little more than a prop to make residents feel safer. Having a security guard at the gate helps to ensure that only those who are supposed to come into the community actually come inside. It also will make residents feel safer knowing that everyone that comes in is screened. That’s not to say that your residents can ignore their own security but it will help them stay safer. Call one of our security experts who can help you decide if a guard at your gate is the right move for you and your community. We’re always happy to help.
Often, depending on the size of the community, of course, we would recommend one of our mobile patrols. This is because mobile patrols can cover larger areas faster and easier than other guards. Allowing them to respond to threats faster and address concerns easier. For smaller communities though a basic guard or guard team would serve the same purpose. Security is never cut and dry. There’s always a unique element to any job and the best way to be sure you’re getting what you need is to talk with one of our security experts.
The answer to this can vary wildly depending on the place and the culture of the surrounding area. There’s no way to know for sure if armed guards will make people uncomfortable. Ultimately the choice will be up to you but we can help guide you through your decision so that you can make the right one for your security and for your business as a whole.
Often we recommend that you have a couple of unarmed guards. This might not be appropriate for your business though. each business is unique and has its own security needs. You may be in a location where an armed guard is a better option than an armed guard. Your budget may restrict the kinds of guards you can employ to meet your security needs. We can work with you in order to find the best solution for you.


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