Perfect solution to the problem of securing a large area with a lot of traffic

Mobile security is something of a necessity for any business, neighborhood or place that has a large area to cover. A mobile patrol is a security team that patrols an area with a golf cart, car and sometimes even a bicycle. These patrols are excellent options for any type of large area coverage where it wouldn’t be feasible to hire more guards or patrol the area on foot. Mobile patrols are a perfect solution to the problem of securing a large area with a lot of traffic. Mobile patrol guards are also equipped to respond to problems quickly, regardless of the location on the property.

Ideal for large area that need mobile surveillance

A mobile patrol is a big step up from just have 1-2 guards patrolling your neighborhood or parking lots. A mobile patrol is better equipped to cover large areas due to their better equipment and training to do so. By having a mobile patrol you improve the efficiency of the guards and in turn, you keep the people on the property safe and secure. Our goal is to help your business by ensuring that any large areas that you manage are safe and secure at all times even with traffic coming and going.

Best Mobile Patrol guards service in Los Angeles County

Weapon X Security  provides the best mobile patrols in the business and we can be sure of that because each of our guards is hand-selected so that we can be sure that you’re getting the best security possible. Our guards have the best training available and we always outfit them with the best equipment so they can do their jobs as efficiently as possible, this turn saves you money and helps to keep you safer.

We know we’re the best in the business because we strive for constant improvement with customer safety and satisfaction is our number one goal. Each day we want to be better than we were the day before so that you’re always getting the best version of On Tyme Security there has been. We do this in an effort to provide you with top quality service at a price you can afford. Safety is something that you shouldn’t have to worry about. Let us worry about your security so that the people on your premises can stay safe and your business can thrive.


Keep the people on the property safe and secure.

Secure Premises

A part of any security guards duty will be to secure the premises that they’re in charge of keeping safe. Mobile patrol does this by riding through the area or inspecting security cameras and other security tools. You can be sure that the area is safe and secure when a mobile patrol is on-site and working hard for you.

Irregularities Report

It’s not uncommon for security guards to find irregularities during their shift. Even if the irregularity can be fixed immediately it’s still important that a report is made and that’s why we make sure that our guards file regular and accurate reports. These reports are then sent to any party who might need to be made aware of their contents so that everything can run smoothly between shifts and to make sure you are aware of what’s happening on the property.

Traffic Control

Controlling traffic is one of the many things that a mobile patrol is better equipped to handle than other types of security guards. Traffic control is very often part of their job during times of high traffic. This is to help keep people safe and happy by making sure that traffic is under control and that everyone is finding a safe and appropriate place to park. Traffic control is also a great resource for ensuring that parking guidelines are followed at all times while guests and employees are parking their cars.

Preventive Tasks

Security is as much about prevention as anything else and mobile patrols are no exception to this. It’s important for all of our guards to practice prevention first so that an emergency is less likely to happen in the first place. For a mobile patrol making themselves seen can often be enough to deter any criminal activity or trouble makers in the area.

Conflict Prevention

Weapon Security guards are trained to prevent conflict before it ever starts. they’re also trained in conflict resolution as they won’t always be able to prevent conflict. Guards will circulate and make themselves seen during their shift as a reminder to employees and guests that there’s someone to step in if they spot suspicious or violent behavior.


Protection you can count on

Like with all security guards mobile patrol puts the safety of all parties involved first when performing their duties. There’s no substitute for a trained mobile patrol unit keeping your business safe and secure. Most units are stationary and are posted in a single place throughout the day while mobile patrols move through the premises in order to keep you and your business safe.

Deter crime with just their presence

Mobile patrol is unique among security guards in that they move from place to place and are harder to pin down. For anyone that could be canvasing your business as a target for criminal or violent activity, this is a major deterrent. Security in and of itself can help to prevent all kinds of crime just by being present but mobile patrol is special in that it’s not stationary.

Trusted mobile patrol service

Mobile patrols are more expensive than other types of security. This might drive some business owners away from selecting them as the type of security to use when really they could be costing themselves more money. Mobile patrols can cover larger areas than standard patrols meaning that a smaller crew can do the same job and even save you money by operating more efficiently.

Specialized training for unique situations

Mobile patrols, like many security specialties, will receive special training to match their new position. This means that when problems arise you can count on these groups having more specialized training to solve problems quickly and keep people safe and secure.

Mobile Security Guard Service FAQ

A mobile patrol is a specialty type of security guard that is equipped with vehicles and are often given much larger areas to patrol during their shifts. The benefits of a mobile patrol are numerous but the largest of them is that when covering large areas they’re able to operate more efficiently given their training and access to additional equipment like vehicles.

There are a few reasons why a mobile patrol might cost more than a traditional unarmed guard. The biggest reason and the most obvious is that a mobile patrol has to be outfitted with a vehicle in order to do their job. They also have additional training on top of being tasked with keeping larger and often more crowded areas secure. It’s all just part of having a more complicated job than other types of guards.

We can’t know for sure without understanding the specifics of your needs and what type of area you’re covering. It’s normal for most people to not know how to judge their own security needs but our team is full of security experts. If you give us a call we can work with you to discover what exactly you need and how best to meet all of your security needs.


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