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If you are looking for a professional, highly trained, licensed and insured security company to secure your business or home, look no further than Weapon X Security Company. Weapon X Security Company is a Los Angeles security guard company, servicing both commercial and residential clients across the Greater Los Angeles area. We take pride in providing professional, highly trained guards that are licensed and insured. Our mission is to provide the maximum security services with the best quality of services at an affordable price to all of our clients.

We are not just another security company; we are your private security force with highly trained and experienced professional guards working for you 24 hours. Our elite Los Angeles security company is dedicated to providing secure, professional, and effective security for our clients. We provide personal protection services to private individuals and corporations throughout Los Angeles and Orange County. Our officers are highly trained and ensure the safety of our clients by preventing burglary and drug dealing from taking place within their business premises. They have years of experience behind them and many have military backgrounds or special training in law enforcement operations that makes them a valuable asset to your facility or home.

Top Security Services In Los Angeles

Weapon X Security Company is rated one of the best security companies to protect your property, assets, people and physical belongings in Los Angeles. We provide armed, unarmed and highly trained security guards for commercial businesses, offices and residences. Weapon X is accredited member personnel that protects your business Companies (ACSC), California Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS).

Our commitment to providing outstanding customer service and affordable rates is what sets us apart from other security companies in Los Angeles. We are the top security service provider in the business. We offer a full suite of security services, efficiently and cost-effective for our clients and that includes armed guards, unarmed guards, executive protection, event and surveillance team etc. Our security guards are trained in-depth to serve as professional and highly trained guards. As a security agency we offer exceptional service with an unparalleled quality at reasonable prices. You can rely on our fully insured staff skilled in the latest practices of patrol management and investigation techniques to keep you adequately protected.

Industries We Can Guard 24/7

We are trusted by businesses, schools, and medical facilities throughout Los Angeles County.We serve residential and commercial properties, including: Apartments & Condominiums, Daycares, Schools, Construction Site Security, Food Industry Warehouses/Distribution Centers.With more than 15 years of experience we take pride in providing you with the best service possible while maintaining the highest level of professionalism, integrity and honesty. We understand that your company is unique. That’s why we customize our services to your specific needs. Our team of highly trained guards are ready to provide whatever security you require -whether it’s monitoring your building during regular business hours or protecting it.

Weapon X is a professional security company that understands the value of your business and strives to protect it. We pride ourselves on providing the best services at an unbeatable rate and are equipped with highly trained guards, who work as a team to ensure safety at all times. Every one of our guards is well-versed in the laws surrounding private security, and it is our goal to ensure that you feel confident that your business is protected by our personnel. Our tactical security is composed of highly trained and physically fit individuals who possess the knowledge, skills, abilities and attributes to execute multiple high level tasks in various environments. We perform background checks on our employees as well as a criminal record check on all security officers employed by our company.

Armed security guards
deter violent individuals

Monitor Premises

Our highly trained guards will patrol the premises in combination with monitoring surveillance equipment. Through this combination of methods, our guards can keep the premises secure and respond immediately to threats or security risks.

Building Inspection

Our guards will patrol and perform regular building inspections. Find any points where the security of the building could be at risk due to a problem. During the patrol, our guards ensure the access points are all secured properly.

Irregularities Report

The guards under WeaponX Security are required to report on their activities and ensure that reports are both accurate and filed properly so that anyone who needs to use them has access and is aware of them.

Emergency Response

Our guards can respond to various types of emergencies and provide proper aid while emergency services are en route. With a guard on-site, the response is immediate and valuable seconds can be saved.

Conflict Prevention

During their shift, our guards will circulate among your guests and employees. Our guards are trained in various methods to de-escalate situations and ultimately prevent conflict for the good of all parties involved.

Unmatched Protection

Our guards are responsible for protecting designated people and places, and should report noteworthy incidents to the company as they occur. You should also ensure that safety equipment remains in excellent working order.


Weapon X Security takes pride in being one of the top Los Angeles security guard companies. Since 2003 we have served countless businesses and individuals to meet their security needs.
Yes, we are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. We do this because we believe it’s best to make sure that everything is as professional as possible.
Yes, we do! Security doesn’t take a break because it’s past business hours. Whenever you need security our guards will be there to provide it. No matter the time of day or night.
The answer depends on various factors, so we will need to understand the details of your business. Weapon X Security will work with you to ensure your needs are met, while also staying within your budget.


Weapon X Security is here to help you put together a comprehensive plan for protecting your premises. It all starts by contacting us and telling us a little bit about your company and what your concerns are so we can provide what you need to feel safe

    Ready To Hire Event Security Guards?

    At Weapon X Security, our goal is to provide streamlined security solutions by utilizing the most advanced technology, with highly trained and experienced staff. We specialize in armed and unarmed security guards, helping you with your specific needs to create an efficient, safe environment for your employees and guests. We are a full service security company that provides armed and unarmed guards, mobile patrol and roving patrols, security sweeps and investigations, background checks and other services. We believe that the more time you spend focusing on your business and family the better. That’s why we provide clients with the highest level of professional protection that is trained to handle any crisis situation.

    Security guard companies are not just about protecting your property; they also help maintain a sense of order and balance in society. Weapon X Security has earned the trust of individuals and businesses in Los Angeles County by providing a professional service that consistently exceeds expectations. With Weapon X Security you will always receive excellent service and be treated like family. Our security guards are the most professional, efficient and highly trained in Los Angeles.