The world is a dangerous place, and you need to be prepared for any situation. Your business is
no exception. That’s why you must invest in security guards to protect your employees and
customers from threats like crime and vandalism. But there are so many benefits of hiring
security guards that go beyond just protecting your business from outside dangers!

Police VS Security Guard
It is important to remember that the police are limited when it comes to their ability to respond to
these types of incidents, which means that you need a proactive way to protect your business
from potential criminals. If you are proactive, you can avoid being a target, and potentially avoid
being a victim or statistic of crime.
A security guard will act as an additional layer of protection for your company. If someone were
trying to steal something from inside of your shop or office building, for example, they may not
want any attention drawn towards themselves by breaking through the glass door to enter. The
presence of a guard could easily deter them from doing so because they know there would be
witnesses around who could identify them later on if necessary
Crime rates in Canoga Park
Since the beginning of this year, crime rates in Canoga Park have spiked by more than thirty
percent. This is no doubt due to several factors, such as economic insecurity and growing
awareness about drug use. However, one thing is clear: the police are limited when it comes to
their ability to respond to these types of incidents, which means that you need a proactive way
to protect your business from potential criminals.
Investing in a security guard service in Canoga Park is an excellent way for you and your
employees to sleep at night knowing that there’s someone on duty during all hours who can
help protect them and deter potential thieves or burglars from targeting your business. Your
security guard will be trained in how best to communicate with people with disabilities (if any are
present at your facility), as well as how best not only to deal with violence but also to de-
escalate potentially violent situations before they become violent!
Security guards can also be trained to help out with other tasks such as cleaning up after events
or serving food at banquets if necessary–so much so that they’re often called upon in times like
these when businesses need extra hands around the office!

Compare armed guards vs. unarmed guards
When you’re scanning for security guard services, you’ll often see two types: armed and
unarmed. While it’s hard to say which one is better, there are some things you should keep in
mind. Armed guards tend to be more expensive than unarmed ones because they’re required to
carry a weapon on them at all times. However, this doesn’t mean that an unarmed guard will not
be able to protect your business or home from intruders—they simply won’t have guns at their
When comparing armed guards vs armed guards, it’s important to remember that both types of
security personnel can be injured or killed during the line of duty (a grim reminder of just how
dangerous working as a police officer can be). In fact, according to information collected by the
Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2014 (the most recent year for which statistics are currently
available), being shot at work happens more often than many might think: 7% of fatal injuries
occurred while on duty when compared with 5% overall across all occupations combined! Keep
this in mind when making your selection so that no matter what happens down the
road—whether good luck strikes or bad luck strikes—you’ll know whether or not those who were
protecting your business/home were prepared enough beforehand.”

A security guard is an excellent investment for any business
If you’re a business owner in Canoga Park, it makes sense to invest in a security guard. A
trained security guard is an excellent employee, especially given the current state of crime and
violence in our city. Security guards possess a wide range of skills that can benefit any
business. They are trained to de-escalate situations between customers or employees and help
prevent theft. They can also assist with inventory tracking, customer service, and other aspects
of running your business.
Finally, trained security guards have been shown to deter criminals from committing crimes at
your location or nearby locations as well as help save lives by quickly responding to
emergencies at your establishment or nearby establishments such as restaurants, gas stations,
and convenience stores (where most crimes occur).
Protect your business from burglary and robbery
● Security guards can help prevent theft. A security guard can provide 24-hour protection
and surveillance of your premises, which is especially beneficial if you have a lot of
valuable inventory or equipment worth protecting. If a burglar were to attempt breaking
into your store or trying to steal something from it, they would be immediately caught by
the security guard and apprehended before they could do any damage.

● Security guards can help prevent property damage. Even when there isn’t an imminent
threat of robbery or burglary, there are still risks involved with having employees working
at night alone in the dark when they leave their doors unlocked after closing hours. It
only takes one person who accidentally leaves behind an item on their desk while getting
ready for bed—and voila! Your office has been successfully robbed without even
knowing what happened until morning arrives and everyone realizes their keys aren’t
where they left them last night…but only after noticing that all the computers have been
wiped clean (or worse yet—destroyed). With a trained security guard watching over
everyone throughout these hours of darkness and quietness, no employee would ever
feel unsafe going about their business late at night because someone else was keeping
watch over them via video feed too far away from sightline range as long as they stayed
within sightline range themselves (which shouldn’t be a problem since most offices are
designed like this anyway). This way everyone can get some much-needed rest without
worrying about being targeted by criminals with bad intentions towards us poor workers
who have spent all day doing hard work making sure our customers enjoy the shopping
experience at our store; we deserve peace without fear!
De-escalating a situation before it becomes violent
It’s no secret that having a security guard on staff can help your business in many ways, but did
you know that they can also be trained to deal with violence?
Security guards are trained to use their judgment when it comes to handling situations. A good
security guard will not only be able to de-escalate a situation before it becomes violent, but they
also can spot signs of violence before it happens. This will make your workplace safer and
happier for everyone involved.

  1. Security guards benefits
    A security guard is not only able to help you be a more effective business owner, but they can
    also help in several different ways. They can assist with customer service and inventory
    tracking, as well as safety and loss prevention. The list of things they can do is extensive, but
    here are some examples:
    ● Security – Many businesses need security guards who have the training and experience
    necessary to provide a safe environment for employees and customers alike. A
    professional security team will know how to handle any situation that comes up at your
    place of business and take steps to ensure its safety at all times. They will also be
    trained in first aid as well as CPR so that if something serious happens they may be able
    to administer aid before paramedics arrive or until an ambulance arrives on the scene
    depending on the severity of injuries sustained by individuals involved in accidents inside
    or outside buildings where there are no medical professionals present yet still need
    immediate care from someone qualified enough within proximity who knows exactly what

needs doing because these types of situations happen quite often nowadays due mainly
because people don’t realize how important it is when moving around so much
nowadays since technology has made this possible without having too much difficulty
getting around places quickly when needed (though sometimes there’s still been
problems due mainly because some people forget about safety precautions needed
when driving vehicles fast).
Deterring Crime
Having security guard service in Canoga Park at your place of business can alarm people who
are looking for an easy target and show them that your business is protected.
One of the most important parts of having the right security guards is their ability to deter crime.
When criminals see signs or hear alarms, they often choose other targets instead. You don’t
want your company to be one of those targets, so it’s wise to invest in effective security systems
and practices.
Having good protection will also make it easier for law enforcement to respond quickly if there is
an emergency at your location. This could include fires or violent incidents such as robberies or
hostage situations (which can happen even in seemingly safe areas). If the police arrive on the
scene quickly enough, they can minimize damage and capture suspects more easily than if
there were no response at all
A security guard can also be a great help in case of an emergency or violent situation. If you
require assistance, your security guard will respond immediately and take care of the situation
for you. This is much better than relying on someone who does not have any experience with
these types of situations, as it could end up being much more traumatic for everyone involved.
Security guards are trained professionals with years of experience in dealing with such
situations. While there may always be some risk involved when dealing with a person that has
been robbed or threatened at gunpoint, having a professional like this on hand will certainly
make things easier while they are handling things on their end.

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