Fall is a lovely season, especially in Thousand Oaks, but it can also be very dangerous if proper
safety measures aren’t taken. That’s why it’s important to ensure that your security detail is
prepared for the upcoming holidays and events. Here are 3 of the most popular fall activities
that require a security guard:
Fall fun can be had with a security guard by your side!
Now that the leaves are changing and it’s starting to get cooler, you might be considering
hosting a party or two. If you’re planning on having one of your guests bring their dog along,
though, it may be time for some security guards.
In the fall months, there are lots of fun events going on in the area—and with that comes an
increase in crime rates. As more people attend these events and stay out later at night, there is
also an uptick in accidents caused by impaired driving or alcohol poisoning (which can lead to
other crimes). Security guard services in Thousand Oaks can help make sure everyone stays
safe during these kinds of gatherings!
We recommend hiring a seasoned and highly qualified team so that you can send multiple
security guards to each event—this way you’ll always have someone nearby if something
happens. Some security companies also provide off-site assistance when needed – whether it’s
moving heavy equipment around or performing crowd control during large performances at local
arenas. Everyone must take precautions when they go out after dark; this includes locking up
their homes securely before leaving so thieves don’t break in while they’re away.

  1. Pumpkin Patch Safety
    You may be wondering, “Is pumpkin patch safety that important?” Well, yes. Pumpkins are
    heavy and can be slippery. They can be dangerous if they fall or are not picked up properly. And
    they can also be dangerous if you leave them sitting around after the event is over and kids start
    playing with them without supervision—or worse yet, adults start climbing them like jungle gyms!
    Since this family attraction is always a fall favorite, parking can also be a nightmare. The best
    way to avoid the parking nightmare is to arrive early before the crowds do. If you can’t get there
    early, try parking in a garage or lot nearby and walking over—it’s better than circling endlessly

looking for a spot. And if you must drive yourself, be sure to lock up your valuables inside your
vehicle before leaving it unattended.
Theft in a crowded parking lot is always a commonality. Criminals think that full parking lots are
easier targets since most of the eventgoers will be busy with the festivities. If you must leave
valuables in your car, do not leave them in plain sight. It is also important to note that parking
lots are usually not patrolled by security but we highly recommend hiring a team to patrol.
Always be aware of your surroundings and be sure to lock all doors—including hatchbacks and
trunks—before leaving your vehicle.

  1. Haunted Maze Safety
    Halloween is one of the most popular holidays for haunted mazes. Hiring security for this event
    type is extremely important. If you’re planning to go to one, here are some safety tips to keep in
    ● Always tell someone where you’ll be going, and when they can expect to hear back from
    you again. This should almost always include your destination, if possible—it’s best if
    they know exactly which haunted maze or amusement park ride you’re on so that they
    can call the authorities immediately if something happens. You may want them to call
    911 instead of local police because these are likely less busy on the night before
    Halloween than usual and fast response times could save your life!
    ● Don’t get too close to strangers; stay within arm’s reach at all times while inside the
    attraction and avoid making eye contact with beings who may not be what they seem (or
    even human). You don’t know who might try and push themselves into your personal
    space; just be mindful of all movement around you so that nothing comes as a shock
    when it happens!
    ● If you feel unsafe or lost, find the nearest security guard who can help you get back to
    your group or car. Security teams are trained and well prepared to get you back safely
    and they’re familiar with the event space they’re patrolling.
  2. Fall Festival Safety
    Fall festivals or Harvest Festivals are a great opportunity for families to get together and enjoy
    the fall season. They offer fun activities for children and adults, as well as family-friendly
    vendors selling food, crafts, and other items. You can enjoy a pleasant day at the fair without
    having to worry about safety concerns since most festivals have designated areas where you
    can leave your car parked safely while you explore the grounds.
    Everyone who attends a festival should take proper safety measures, whether it’s a large
    outdoor event or a small community celebration. Every festival organizer should enlist the help
    of an experienced security team that has worked on these types of events before. This way you

can ensure that people don’t sneak in, monitor crowd control or capacity, make your event
goers feel safer, and so much more.
Here are some tips to ensure that your fall festival experience is safe and fun:

  1. Bring lots of water!
  2. Wear comfortable shoes and bring an extra pair just in case they get wet or muddy.
  3. Pack snacks like granola bars, apples, or other items that won’t spoil if left out in the heat all
    day long.
    Fall is a great time to enjoy some fresh air, take a walk in the park, or head over to a pumpkin
    patch or festival! If you are planning on doing any of those activities or want to go on an
    adventure with friends and family, make sure that you have someone watching out for your
    safety. Hiring Security guard services in Thousand Oaks to ensure your event runs safely and
    smoothly can always help you feel safer.

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