Bot Security Guards, let’s not.

September 11, 2018 6:22 pm Published by

You know when they say don’t fix something when it’s not broken? Yes, this is the
case with “Bot” robot security guards. Everyone thinks technology is convenient and
great for the advancement of humanity, but this is—well I’ll let you be the judge.

Last year, a security robot by Knightscope in Washington D.C. guarding a office building decided to quit his short-lived career in the security industry and ended up drowning itself.

The maker of the robot security Knightscope called it an “isolated event”, but earlier in 2017 two more incidents proved that—welp, it wasn’t.

The 300-pound robot security guard trampled over a 16-month toddler while patrolling a shopping center and later the bot got beat up by a drunken man while patrolling a parking lot.

Let Weapon X Security handle it with their “human” guards that have five years of experience in the security guard industry. Our security guards can pull their own weight, are insured with workers compensation, and are alert to their surroundings taking detailed notes of suspicious activity.

In the last two years, people have tried to autotomize security guards, but the truth is although robot security guards have cool features like heat detecting cameras, can read a million-thousand-katrillon license plates per minute and have built in Tasers they will not have common sense or protective intuition or in these cases people skills to not coldly trample over a toddler or the ability to defuse a situation.

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